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VJW Limited, LLC is a property development and consulting firm located in Valparaiso, IN.

Owned by Jake Wagner, VJW Limited is a company emerging from over 20 years of building premier, custom homes in Northwest, Indiana (Wagner Homes)

The Marketplace at Pepper Creek


Marketplace Plan Image Pepper Creek will offer it's residents the convenient services of a pedestrian marketplace on the southeast corner of the neighborhood. In keeping with the 'Best Management Practices' that are Pepper Creek's ecologically conscious foundation, the availability of professional services within walking distance to the community is essential.


Possible services may include professional offices for attorneys and financial consultants, a package shipping business, a salon, dry cleaner, perhaps an upscale coffee shop or bistro.



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Jake's commitment to environmental excellence and preservation while developing land for distinguished neighborhoods and communities won him the coveted 2003 Indiana Governor's Award. The Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence in Land Use specifically honors Jake's work in developing Valparaiso's prestigious Harrison West community.


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Best Management Practices...


Best management practice is defined as any program, technology, process, siting criteria, operating method, measure or device which controls, prevents, removes, or reduces pollution.


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