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As a Pepper Creek Estate Owner, you'll be happy to know that there are a number of steps being taken before, during, and after construction to preserve and protect trees both inside and outside of the building envelope of each lot.


Tree Preservation DiagramBUILDING ENVELOPE - The building envelope is the approved area within the limits of the foundation and extending out five feet from the foundation on all sides. No tree replacement is required after approval of the review committee is obtained.


DRIVEWAY CORRIDOR - Each lot shall have a twenty-five foot driveway corridor extending from the public right-of-way to the building envelope. Builders will make every attempt to locate utilities in this corridor.


TRANSITION ZONE - This is the area on the lot that extends twenty five feet from the building envelope. In the transition area, any tree with a trunk diameter of six inches or greater that is damaged or removed in the construction process must be replaced with a number of trees whose combined diameter equals the total diameter of the trees removed.


PRESERVATION ZONE - The zone between the transition zone and the conservation zone shall be designated as the preservation zone. Within this zone, any activity that includes the removal of existing trees with a trunk diameter of six inches or greater must be first approved by the neighborhood control committee.


CONSERVATION ZONE - A ten foot conservation zone is established on all side lot lines and a twenty foot conservation zone is established on all rear lot lines. Tree removal, site grading, and clearing are prohibited within these areas.


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